Teaching Sessions for Children With Asthma: Research Critique and PICOT Statement

Introduction: Children with Asthma. Patient Education

Asthma poses a massive threat to a patient’s well-being since it obstructs lungs and causes breathing issues. The management of asthma is especially problematic for children and ethnic minorities due to communication concerns (Singh et al., 2017). Therefore, innovative teaching sessions for helping patients are strongly recommended so that they could detect a reason for concern and address it respectively. The problem of child asthma management and the provided strategy for managing it with teaching sessions are interrelated, with recent studies supporting the idea of patient education.

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PICOT, Literature Review, and Asthma in Children as a Nursing Issue

Providing children and ethnic minorities with a certain amount of independence in handling the instances of asthma is likely to lead to improvements in patient outcomes. Studies show that the use of training sessions leads to positive dynamics in children (Ezzell, 2017; Luo et al., 2018). Therefore, the connection between the issue and the proposed framework for handling asthma is evident.

Conclusion: Managing the Needs of Children with Asthma

Training sessions as an intervention for child asthma and the tool for meeting the needs of ethnic minorities are closely tied to the recent research of the problem. The analyzed articles indicate that it is imperative to encourage patient education. Thus, the instances of child asthma will not be exacerbated by the lack of awareness.


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