Staying Relevant. Product Promotion on the Internet


The facility has a website and Facebook page for its online marketing. However, the main concern is that they are not being utilized in the best way possible to market the facility and services offered to the community.

Objectives of the project

The most important goal of the project is to ensure that the facility has the best online presence available. The marketing management team at Bright Road Health Care System realized that many people in the community use electronic means to get information. There is also need for the community to visualize the great services and care offered at Bright Road Health Care System’s facilities. Learning more about the targeted residents is also another objective of the report. Other objectives of the project include improving community awareness and market the healthcare system, produce leads for the present programs, promote unique events which are usually sponsored by Bright Road Health Care System and improve the reputation of the healthcare facility with the targeted residents within the community.

Other media types in use

Although the healthcare system uses other types of media campaigns, this project specifically aims to employ Web 2.0 and social media strategies.

The online resources at the facility are indeed important because both the targeted community and global partners can access and share the same information without necessarily visiting the physical facility. Information is being utilized at the facility to diagnose and treat various medical conditions.

Roles of public health department

In order to reach out certain segments of the targeted population, the public health department should organize regular health-related campaigns. The latter may include public sanitation crusades as well as creating awareness on epidemics and terminal illnesses. The same campaigns can be taken to the social media according to the needs of various populations.

Target audience

The facility is currently targeting the immediate community residents. most of these residents are within the X and Y Generations. Quite a number from Generation Z also benefit from the services offered by the facility. They comprise individuals born from 1995 up to now. The medical facility has also noted the rapid rise of Baby Boomers. Therefore, they will soon be targeted in the program. In other words, the elderly are among those who will soon be incorporated as beneficiaries to the health facility program.


To begin with, changes in the social media page and web page are necessary in order to boost the online presence of the healthcare facility. For example, the Facebook’s cover photograph should be bright and catchy to the eye and equally bear the name of the healthcare facility. Below the facility’s name should be the main mission statement of the healthcare facility. Besides, the page should be updated regularly (probably thrice per week) with relevant information that markets the facility. High quality pictures that highlight the story of the facility should be used in the web and other social media pages. The thumbnails should be visible enough in order to drive traffic to the various online sites of the facility.

As much as the system’s website page is less complicated and therefore swift to navigate; it still requires to be organized in terms of relevance. This will enable easy and quick retrieval of vital information. In addition, the marketing management team should consider using other forms of social media outreach platforms apart from its Facebook and web pages. These include podcasts, Youtube, Twitter and blogging. The use of product advertising approach is highly recommended at the facility. Since the healthcare facility has been using institutional advertising for a long time, the marketing management team should now consider using product advertising strategy. Specific services or products being offered at the healthcare facility should be advertised to the targeted audience.

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