Sbirt for Tobacco Use Among Young Adults in Miami

Community description

County Data
Population total 467,963
Male (subtract female % from 100) 49.3%
Female 50.7%
Persons under 5 5.8%
Persons over 65 16.7%
Income and poverty
County Data
Median household income $36,638
Persons in poverty 24%
County Data
High school graduate or higher 77.0%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 27.9%
Epidemiological data County Data
Health Outcome Rank 6/67
Length of life rank 2/67
Premature death 5,300
Adult smoking 16%
Physical inactivity 25%
Drug overdose deaths 11
Uninsured 20%
Unemployment 3.9%
Children in poverty 23%

Problem description

  • Tobacco use among young adults constitutes a severe public health problem causing short-time (tiredness and coughing, for instance) and long-time (enhanced risk of cardiovascular diseases) consequences.
  • Partially due to the poverty rate, young adults in Miami seem to be more likely to engage in this substance abuse.

Contributing factors

  • Poverty, as one of the primary social determinants of health, is linked to the increase in risky behaviors, such as tobacco smoking.
  • Its various causes, lack of education or job opportunities, leads to the fact that Miami is one of the cities with the highest poverty rates in the United States (Florida & Pedigo, 2019).

SBIRT elements

  • Screening for substance abuse.
  • Brief intervention to increase a patient’s awareness of health issues associated (Babor et al., 2017).
  • Referral to treatment that aims to facilitate access for professional medical assistance.


  • SBIRT (Screening (S), brief intervention (BI), and referral to treatment (RT)) is implemented in a variety of medical settings. It is used to treat the beginnings of disorders related to substance abuse.
  • The SBIRT process constitutes initial screening, patient education, awareness enhancement, and recommendations for further treatment.

SBIRT application to tobacco usage

Screening for tobacco usage can be integrated into regular examinations. Brief interventions may strive to identify tobacco use patterns so that a patient can recognize incentives and act accordingly.

SBIRT and vulnerable population

When seeking medical assistance, the vulnerable population may encounter several problems. Due to their socioeconomic status, young adults may have limited access to transportation needed to access a professional practicing SBIRT. To reach this vulnerable population, SBIRT is used by public health nurses, health educators, and social workers.

SBIRT’s impact on tobacco smoking

The approach is linked to the positive impact on substance abuse, including tobacco. The increase in quitting attempts and a decline in tobacco smoking could be attributed to the practice (Rahm et al., 2015).

Community Resources

  • Tobacco Free Florida is an organization that provides support for individuals at various stages of quitting smoking. It encourages smoking cessation and intents to prevent tobacco initiation among younger demographics.
  • The source offers free services for those who decide to quit smoking, including support from a professional coach accessible by phone. The number and additional information can be found on the organization’s site.

4 A’s

  • Since the resource has free services, phone support, for instance, it can be deemed affordable. The service is provided remotely and works throughout the day, increasing its accessibility and availability. As there are no limitations to age to be able to access it, the source’s acceptability is seemingly also high.
  • Tobacco Free Florida additionally provides a set of nicotine replacement patches for two weeks for free, which enhances affordability. Since to be able to access it, only registration on the web-site or a phone call is needed, it also seems accessible. Nevertheless, an individual is supposed to be over eighteen years old.

Implications for practice

  • Community nurses may incorporate screaming for tobacco in their practices. They perform an essential educational and advisory function in communication with patients and their families. The function may be combined with brief interventions that SBIRT presupposes (Babor et al., 2017).
  • The data that renders SBIRT evidence-based may call for its larger incorporation into community nursing practice, as it positively influences patients who smoke.


Population’s life quality is intertwined with its physical and mental health. Tobacco smoking, especially for young adults, is risky behavior. It leads to severe conditions and, potentially, premature death, as the age when the habit is formed influences health outcomes. In this way, improving and promoting a healthy lifestyle among this population could reduce the strain on public health caused by smoking.

Q&A examples

  • What obstacles may young adults encounter in seeking assistance for quitting smoking?
  • What are the health risks associated with starting smoking in early adulthood?


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