Nursing Informatics and Leadership Course Summary

Nursing informatics and healthcare technology are essential disciplines for any advance practice nurse. These are the disciplines that are crucial for building an effective nurse leader. The following paper aims to summarize the material studied during the course of nursing informatics and provide conclusions as for the significance of this discipline for nursing leadership and nursing specialty in overall.

During week 1, I have discovered the ergonomics of computer technologies use in health care problems prevention. I have acquired the perception of decision support at multiple levels by means of information technology and I have mastered the concept of integrating patient information at any clinical workstation. Besides, the new information I have grasped concerning the legal and ethical issues connected with the patients’ personal health information use helped me deepen my understanding of the responsibility I have as a nursing professional and nurse leader (Goodman, Reidy, & Cartier, 2012). I gained sufficient knowledge to readdress my idea of nursing informatics and of the importance of this role in nursing by providing data regarding the practical value of information technology in facilitating the nursing workflow and improving the patient outcomes. Every member of the nursing staff is to be able to work with all types of register programs as well as the data-generation applications. To illustrate, completing the task in week 1, I began to understand that modern technology is the flotation ring for resolving complicated issues the U. S. healthcare has faced currently. After I complete my education, I wish to know more about the use of standardized terminology along with the wide range of nursing languages such as NADA, NIC, and NOC, and I will continue to seek knowledge in these areas (Barker, 2015). My practice will change considerably as a result of my new knowledge.

The project completed in week 2 provided more insights into the connections between nursing informatics and the nurse leader personality building. This task helped to understand the types of personalities, the issues connected with the different types of personalities, the demand for the extrovert and introvert personalities in the nursing settings, and how one can work on the development of the necessary qualities with the help of technology and nursing informatics (Leggat & Balding, 2013). The key concepts I learned during this project completion are the clinical wisdom, professional nursing judgment, computer ethical statement in nursing, and standardized terminology implementation. The new knowledge I have obtained contributed to my professionalism by expanding the scope of my vision and improving my skills of technology implementation for nursing practice.

In week 3, the research project focused on the role of nursing informatics and nursing leadership in creating a positive atmosphere within the collective body of nurses. The project addressed the following concepts: conflict management in the nursing settings; the task of the nurse manager to establish a good atmosphere among the team members; and how the presence of dissidents can deprive the performance rate of team members in the nursing unit. The facts learnt in this week suggested that technology can help lessen the level of stress among the team members because of the reduced workload and the increased automation of the working process (Villegas & Allen, 2012). Therefore, this week provided an important lesson essential to continue to increase the level of proficiency in the sphere of nursing informatics to become an effective leader because these are the skills that help in the resolution of multiple issues including the conflict in the team of nurses.

In week 4, I have discovered more connections between nursing informatics and its implications to leadership. The project for week 4 focused on the role of emotional intelligence in making the leader capable of facilitating the workflow and effective cooperation between all the members in the collective body (Ugoani, Amu, & Kalu, 2015). It demonstrated how significant modern technology and nursing informatics is for the development of the high level of proficiency in the area of emotional intelligence because it provides tools for regular exercise and assessment of the newly development proficiencies (Barker, 2015; Taft, 2013).

In conclusion, nursing informatics and healthcare technology provide essential knowledge and skills for the development of professional nursing leader judgment. These disciplines form in the nurse leader the way of thinking necessary for the decision-making process and creation a good atmosphere in the collective body of nurses.


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