Nursing Care Models Worksheet

Identify the model of nursing care that you observed. Be specific about what you observed, who was doing what, when, how, and what led you to identify the particular model.

In the course of observations, several nursing models were identified, yet the Team Nursing Model (TNM) was the most prominent and frequently occurring one. In the course of the observations, a collaboration between a team of nurses under the supervision of a nurse leader and with the support of nurse technicians was noticed as the most prominent approach toward managing patients’ needs. Namely, in the acute care settings, groups of three nurses and a nurse technician collaborated to ensure that patients’ health needs were met. The fact that each group was represented by two to three APRNs and a nurse technician that took care of the devices and addressed the issues associated with the use of the EHR system prompted the identification of the TNM.

Review and summarize one scholarly resource (not including your text) related to the nursing care model you observed in the practice setting.

Having a comparatively long history and having been introduced as a solution to the issue of a nurse shortage, the TNM allows managing the needs of patients in a more coordinated manner than the models developed previously. In their study, Deravin, Francis, Nielsen, and Anderson (2017) utilize the TNM to reduce the extent of stress under which nurses are forced to work in the acute care setting. In addition, the study attempts to analyze the effects that the TNM has on patient outcomes in the nursing setting. According to the results of Deravin et al.’s (2017) study, the approach based on the TNM is useful in an interdisciplinary setting, where the nurses’ competencies and skills are varied.

Review and summarize one scholarly resource (not including your text) related to a different nursing care model than you observed in the practice setting.

Another model for nursing care that can be utilized in a nursing environment, the Synergy Model (SM) has been used to replace the traditional approaches and provide better nursing care. According to the description offered by Clayton (2019), the SM places a very strong emphasis on the alignment of patients’ needs with the extent of nurses’ proficiency and competencies. Also observed in the selected nursing setting, the SM seems to have the most positive impact when addressing complex cases and operating in the setting with a sufficient number of nurses. According to the study by Clayton (2019), the SM allows for a rapid response and better management of information within a team.

Discuss the different nursing care models from step 3 and how they could be implemented to improve the quality of nursing care, safety, and staff satisfaction. Be specific.

When implementing the SM, one will be able to increase the efficacy of care and the levels of patients’ satisfaction due to faster and more accurate management of patients’ needs. Namely, the model will increase the speed of collaboration since it will offer the participants the most effective methods of sharing information. In addition, common issues occurring during cooperation in diverse teams will be managed more effectively. Thus, the cases of medical errors will be reduced, which will lead to greater safety and increased satisfaction levels in patients. In addition, with the improvement of the workplace environment caused by a drop in conflicts and better understanding between team members, the satisfaction rates of nurses will rise as well.

Summarize this assignment and what you learned about the two nursing care models discussed.

The assignment has provided an opportunity to analyze the information derived from observations of nursing care in a specific setting. Namely, the application of two key nursing models, specifically, the TNM and the SM, was studied. As a result, it was discovered that the specified models provide unique advantages for managing patients’ needs and that each has a specific environment where these advantages can be used to increase the efficacy of care. Moreover, the assessment has shown the importance of cooperation for nurses and appropriate assignment of roles and responsibilities to nurses within a team.


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