Nursing Assumptions, Major Domains and Practice

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Nursing: Definition

Nursing has been in existence since the beginning of time, its existence being defined by the development of qualities such as compassion and humanity in people. The very concept of nursing is very broad; it embraces an array of areas and can be viewed as a part of the modern healthcare system. Nurses interpret the promotion of health and the related habits, prevention of diseases and disorders development in the target population, and care for all those in need for physical or psychological support as their primary goals (Kahungu, 2017). Therefore, nursing is represented by a system of healthcare-related values and creates prerequisites for meeting the health-related needs of the target population. Nursing is also based on the concept of helping others, which is why I practice it.

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Underlying Benefits: Assumptions

I believe that it is crucial for nurses to engage in the consistent acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Thus, the premises for meeting the needs of diverse populations can be created. Patients, in turn, must be encouraged to learn more about the essential health-related issues. Communication between nurse educators and patients must be established so that the latter could build awareness among the target population.

Additionally, nursing services should consider expanding and building connections with other healthcare providers. Thus, consistent and efficient information transfer can become a possibility, and the threats to the health of the target population will be addressed successfully. Finally, the communication between nurses and communities must be encouraged so that the process of patient and nurse education could continue. As a result, the community members will remain secure, whereas nurses will learn essential information about cross-cultural communication. The identified process can be spurred by using modern IT tools, particularly social networks (Gupta, Sharman, & Walp, 2017).

Major Domains of Nursing: Definition

My nursing metaparadigm allows viewing the key concepts from the perspective of continuous education. Particularly, patients are considered to be the focus of the framework and the primary stakeholders. Their health, in turn, is believed to be the issue of the greatest value, and its improvement is interpreted as the ultimate goal. Finally, the environment is viewed as a combination of factors that affect an individual’s health either positively or negatively (Stanley, 2016).

Summary: Contemporary Nursing

A modern nursing philosophy must incorporate the principles of successful communication and information management. Thus, the opportunity for catering to the needs of diverse communities can be created. Herein lies the connection between the essential domains of nursing. Particularly, the information about the person, the current health issues, and the specifics of the environment are processed carefully to reinforce the effects of positive factors, inhibit the impact of negative ones, and, therefore, create the environment in which health rates can be improved, and patients can learn essential information about their health.

I believe that, in the future, the shift toward the active use of the available data management tools for enhancing patient independence will be observed in the realm of nursing. The propensity toward giving patients more room for making health-related decisions will definitely be a challenge, yet it implies that the community members can be educated about the crucial health issues and, therefore, learn to adopt the necessary behaviors. For this purpose, however, consistent communication between a nurse and the community should be maintained. Thus, the premises for lifelong learning among nurses, which currently is my primary goal for professional development, can be created.


Gupta, M., ‎Sharman, R., & ‎Walp, J. (2017). Information technology risk management and compliance in modern organizations. New York, NY: IGI Global.

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