Mr. F. Osteoarthritis Case Analysis

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The pathophysiology of osteoarthritis indicates that the condition is most common in people who are elderly and overweight. At old age, the tissue in the joints is prone to tear and wear. According to Mr. F.’s case, it was more likely that the knee cartilage had thickened to help bear the greatest load from the anterior-to-posterior regions of the body (Charlesworth et al., 2019).

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Consequently, Mr. F.’s previous vigorous exercises during athletics and football were likely to disrupt the joints’ gait mechanics, hence causing osteoarthritis. Further, it is notable that the continuous weight gain and improper footwear patterns are most likely to shift the weight to the cartilaginous regions, causing the disease.

The anti-inflammatory and analgesics are some of the most common drugs that can treat and manage arthritis. These drugs operate by blocking certain chemicals that directly cause inflammation and pain in the joints. These drugs should be used moderately to manage the pain (Charlesworth et al., 2019).

Consequently, Mr. F. must continue with simple exercises to help in improving flexibility and muscle strength. Therefore, Mr. F can join regimes such as swimming, aerobics, and low impact strength training to decrease the level of pain experienced. These exercises can further be blended with occupational therapy to reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Mr. F. prognosis or outlook depends on many factors. These factors include age, possible complications, and disease progression. According to the Mr. F. case, it is evident that the disease is at the onset levels. Mr. F is also young and has been actively involved in sports. According to his medical condition, the patient has been enjoying good health over the past years. Therefore, his condition can still be improved by the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics.


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