Mental Health Nursing Legislation and Practice

Many political issues and agendas pertinent to mental health in the US are concerned with correctional mental care. For example, Mental Health America (2018b), which is a nonprofit association that focuses on the mental needs of the US, insists that the use of the death penalty is a problem for as long as the procedures for determining guilt in people with mental issues are not perfected. I agree with the statement.

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Since the agenda is already promoted by Mental Health America (2018b), the support for it is already formalized. However, it can be described to check the potential mechanisms that a nurse can use to promote their programs. In particular, Mental Health America (2018a) has a well-developed advocacy network, which includes individuals and affiliate organizations, and is coordinated with the help of the Regional Policy Council.

Thus, if I were to formalize support for an agenda, I would focus on developing a network of individuals and organizations that could be interested in it. As for more specific activities, I find Bardach’s Eightfold Process a reasonable strategy (Bardach & Patashnik, 2015). The network would be involved in every step to ensure appropriate decision-making. Also, as pointed out by Mental Health America (2018a), every member of such network is an important agent of dissemination, which is the final element of the Eightfold Process that is especially pertinent to agenda advancement.


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