Internet Information in STDs Prevention


The topic of STDs and their prevention gradually became more apparent in modern society. As the modern community is now more open for discussion of issues related to sex, such as STDs, the prevention of STDs requires raising awareness on the importance of safe sex. The current group of at-risk patients includes adults from 20 to 30 years old who are highly active in internet space and generally consume and trust information in digital format. Thus, implementing internet sources into STDs prevention could be more effective in reducing new cases of STDs in the community and promoting safe sex relationships in one year period than monthly professional education sessions.

Discussion of the Topic

The specific site selected for the presentation of internet sources being more effective in preventing STDs is Primehealth Physicians. The organization presents an entity of local primary care physicians who care for nearly 100,000 patients in South Florida (Primehealth Physicians). The site features a patient portal and the opportunity to connect patients’ personal account with a mobile app. Implying that the patients are able to reach the physicians support at any time presents significantly more comfortable environment for the patients’ education on the topic of STDs.

In a span of one year for the patient, there could only be twelve monthly education sessions with professionals. Locating vital educational resources on the topic of STDs in the patients’ portal could offer an opportunity for the patient to reach materials at any time and check their information. Moreover, internet information received through browsing a mobile app provides confidentiality that monthly visits to the professional session could not offer.


In terms of STDs prevention in the younger population in their 20s and 30s, implementing internet sources for educational purposes could be more effective than monthly sessions with professionals. Through the example of the Primehealth Physicians site, the paper explained that web sources and mobile apps present a more comfortable environment for patients’ education. Moreover, internet sources and information feature important aspects of permanent access to information and confidentiality.


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