Healthcare-Related Case Study

Potential Causes of Powerlessness

The targeted emergency department has been recording a high turnover for the last two years. As well, the level of morale in the department has reduced significantly. Majority of the nurses have become powerless. Some issues might be present in this department. To begin with, the department might not be equipping the nurses and caregivers with the best competencies. The emergency department might also “be characterized by lack of adequate medical resources to support the needs of these workers” (Butts & Rich, 2010, p. 39). The patient-to-nurse ratio is another potential source of powerlessness among the members of staff. The Nurse Manager (NM) might also be an ineffective manager. The absence of teams is another potential cause of burnout and powerlessness. Nancy should therefore identify and implement new practices that can empower these nurses.

Sources of Power

Nancy should therefore identify several sources of power in order to support the health needs of the targeted patients. To begin with, Nancy can ensure the department is equipped with the right medical resources. Such resources will empower more nurses and encourage them to provide competent care. Majority of the nurses should be encouraged to form new teams. The “concept of teamwork has the potential to revolutionize the performance of different health departments” (Butts & Rich, 2010, p. 64). Effective leadership in healthcare also empowers and mentor’s different followers. For instance, the NM can use the best incentives to support the needs of the targeted nurses. The NM should also equip the workers with powerful skills and competencies in order to achieve the targeted goals. The important thing is to ensure every caregiver feels empowered. This approach will “encourage the caregivers to work together, support their patients, and focus on the best health outcomes” (Aiken, Cheung, & Olds, 2009, p. 648). The strategy will address the existing challenges and eventually produce the best results.

Empowering the Staff

Nancy should use powerful strategies to empower her followers. Nancy should begin by defusing some of the behaviors portrayed by the workers. For instance, the NM should promote the concept of cohesiveness. This approach will ensure more followers are willing to work together. They will also be ready to address their differences and form cohesive teams. The NM should advise the facility to hire more nurses and caregivers. The strategy will ensure the workers are not overworked. The leader should be ready to address the grievances raised by every worker. This approach will make it easier for her to identify the major issues affecting the performance of the department (Aiken, Cheung, & Olds, 2009). A customized approach should be utilized in order to support the changing needs of different caregivers.

The Nurse Manager should also promote new practices that have the potential to support the performance of different caregivers. For example, she can implement new training programs to equip the targeted nurses with the best practices. Such nurses will “acquire new skills such as problem-solving, communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and decision-making” (Aiken, Cheung, & Olds, 2009, p. 649). These skills will make it possible for them to focus on the best patient outcomes. The NM should also support the concept of work-life balance by hiring more practitioners. The nurses should also be equipped with the best resources and technologies in order to support the needs of different patients. These practices will empower more nurses with appropriate skills and eventually motivate them. They will feel powerful and continue to support the targeted goals.

Information to Obtain From my Staff

Magnet facilities exhibit some of the best behaviors and practices in healthcare. Such healthcare institutions support the changing needs of many patients and underserved populations. That being the case, I will obtain meaningful information from the targeted unit in order to support the concept of patient satisfaction. It will also be appropriate to consider the major competencies and skills needed to improve the outcomes of different patients. I will also examine the major factors associated with quality patient care. The study will also establish the number of hours allocated to different nurses in the magnet facility (Parsons & Cornett, 2011). This information will make it easier for me to identify the major factors supporting the level of patient satisfaction. It will also be appropriate be examine the major causes of medication errors. I will also conduct a powerful research from the unit in order to outline the best practices towards improving the level of satisfaction.

Useful Information

It will also be necessary to consider different issues that can support the concept of 8-hour shifts. For instance, I will examine the major causes of burnout in different medical facilities. The study will also examine the major workplace issues associated with long working hours. I will also “identify some of the major causes of burnout and loss of morale in different healthcare settings” (Parsons & Cornett, 2011, p. 282). I will also outline the major policies that can be used to support such 8-hour shifts. The “other issues to consider include the best workplace practices and leadership strategies that can improve the performance of different caregivers” (Parsons & Cornett, 2011, p. 282). The research should also highlight the major problems associated with long working hours. The decision to implement such 8-hour shifts should be supported by more healthcare practitioners. The current nursing shortage should also be analyzed in order to come up with new ideas. This information will make it easier for the committee to make appropriate decisions. The information will be used to identify new policies, ideas, and strategies that can support the targeted 8-hour shifts. The important goal will be to reduce the level of burnout. The approach will also empower more caregivers.

Role of Shared Governance

I will educate my team members about the importance of shared governance. To begin with, I will present evidence-based arguments in order to support the benefits of shared governance. Anthony (2004) believes that “shared governance presents the best beliefs and values that can be used to deliver quality care” (p. 2). I will also encourage the individuals to embrace the power of empirical evidences. This approach will encourage them to identify the best practices and behaviors that can improve the health outcomes of many populations. I will also identify “new practices and concepts that have been applied elsewhere to transform the nature of medical care” (Anthony, 2004, p. 6). The targeted team members will use such concepts to empower their patients. The targeted information will make it easier for them to implement new policies and practices that can support the needs of many workers. The individuals will also embrace new practices in order to fulfill the health needs of many patients.

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