Healthcare Potential of Hialeah Neighborhood, Florida

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Health Resources and General Information: Back to the Basics

The Hialeah neighborhood offers extensive health services for practically any patient. The following services are included:

The types of services available: health agencies, private MD and much more

The following services are available in Hialeah:

Health agencies specializing in

  • Home Health Aid
  • Medical Social
  • Medicare
  • Nursing Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Pathology;

Public health organizations and health research centers:

  • Home Health Aid
  • Accreditation Commission for Health Care or Foundation for Hospice and Health Care
  • Community Health Acceleration Program, Inc.
  • Home Care State Licensed Agency

Pharmacy, health promotion and mental health: raising health awareness

Apart from the organizations that address health issues efficiently, Hialeah has the ones that help people avoid having these issues in the first place. According to the existing sources, Hialeah offers such services as

School and occupational health services: taking care of children’s health

Hialeah offers the following educational opportunities:

  • 152 preschools;
  • 80 elementary schools;
  • 49 middle schools;
  • 36 high schools;
  • 45 public schools;
  • 141 private schools;
  • 13 charter schools (Hialeah schools, n. d.)

As for occupational health, Hialeah students can enroll at the Florida National College to train the skills of an occupational therapist and acquire the necessary knowledge.

Official and voluntary services: when non-profit organizations are needed

In Hialeah, both for-profit and non-profit health organizations offer their services. Among the most notable non-profit organizations, the following ones must be mentioned:

  • Ewport Village Retirement Community;
  • Catholic Hospice, Inc.;
  • Robert T Knight Center (Switchboard of Miami, n. d.).

In their turn, the for-profit organizations are listed below:

  • MedCal Services;
  • Florida Health Solution.

Self-health and support groups: keeping the hotline available

Like any other community, Hialeah provides a hotline for the patients to consult their doctors: (305) 514-6030.

Service organizations and faith-based programs: in God we trust

Seeing how most of the Hialeah populations are Protestants, faith-based organizations and programs are very popular in the community, including Gentiva Hospice, Empower Our World, Inc. and others (Volunteer Match, 2013).

Citizen Safety and Protective Services: Lending a Helping Hand

There is a police department in Hialeah. In addition, the community has several companies specializing in bodyguard services (Hialeah Gardens security services, 2008).

Police and fire: in case of fire, break glass

A Fire Protection, Inc., Universal Fire Equipment, Inc. and Ace Fire Sprinklers, Inc. provide emergency services in case of fire in Hialeah.

Shelters for victims of abuse

Victims of abuse can find a temporary home at Family Counseling Services of Greater Miami/Journey Institute and many other organizations (CVAC, 2012).

Others: neighborhood watch and the related issues

Hialeah also offers neighborhood watch services, which are mostly volunteer-based (Boston Market, 2013).

Boundaries, geographical, political, economic: major differences

Geographical specifics of a community often define the specifics of its health services. The Hialeah community is located between the Hialeah gardens, Opa-Locka, Miami Lakes, Medley, Bronsville, Gladeview, West Little River and Westview. Locked between these communities, the city, on the one hand, does not have the opportunity to reach the other counties and, on the other hand, has the opportunity to get efficient support from the communities in the vicinity.

Housing and zoning: the right time and the right place

The concept of housing has been approached quite reasonably in Hialeah; by using very clever planning of the community districts and the locations of the houses, the local authorities have managed to provide every single community member with a healthcare service located in the vicinity.

Sign of decay: analyzing the possible future concerns

In terms of medical services and healthcare, the community seems to have been doing well enough over the past few years; as the recent data says, however, there are some issues worth paying attention to. As the recent reports say, dental issues among children have peaked lately in the community (Tooth decay (caries or cavities) in children: What is tooth decay (caries or cavities)?, 2012).

Services for the Senior Citizens: Providing the Elderly with the Necessary Supplies

Renacer Home Health Care and Aarp (Hoovers, n. d.) are known for their services for senior citizens.

Parks and recreational areas

Parks and Recreations Department (2012) is ready to provide its services to the members of the community.

Community Services Beyond City/State Aid: In Case of Emergencies

The Hialeah Community also offers a wide range of emergency services.

Emergency: food, shelter, clothing

Despite the fact that the Hialeah Community does not have the organizations targeted specifically at providing emergency services, the community authorities, including the mayor, Carlos Hernandez, provide extensive instructions on how to behave in case of an emergency, e.g., what a standard emergency kit must include, etc.

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