Communication Problems in Healthcare Organizations

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Communication is a major part of the workflow in medicine. And yet, it continues to be a serious problem for many organizations. Despite the rapid growth of communication technologies, insufficient communication is still the main reason for the dismissal of employees. In addition, it does not allow organizations and employees to reach their full potential. The lack of communication makes employees doubt their work and responsibilities, their position in the company, and even their value. This undermines employee trust and increases stress levels. If employees do not feel safe, they do not have the necessary confidence for success. They will doubt themselves and not feel that they can trust each other or their managers. The best way to suppress insecurities and doubts is to maintain an open flow of communication. The lack of communication between employees causes a number of problems: medical errors, misunderstandings with management, and confusion at work. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate how communication between employees can be improved.

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This problem should be considered by posing a clinical question. For example, will the communication between employees really have a positive impact on the healthcare sector? One of the ways to solve this problem is to conduct anonymous surveys to find out about pressing problems within the team of doctors. Many are afraid to openly talk about misunderstandings on the part of a manager or colleague (Russel et al., 2021). Therefore, it is important to provide employees with a guarantee of anonymity and spend an extra hour every week to disclose all relevant issues. Therefore, using the PICO format, we can compare the two approaches and choose the best one. Thus, in the research P: patients and healthcare system, I: anonymous surveys, C: lack of communication, O: improving understanding between doctors.

Conducting surveys is the easiest way to find out what the company’s employees think about this or that occasion, what kind of atmosphere prevails in the workplace, and what the target audience likes best. For example, what factors increase motivation and prevent you from successfully solving tasks? The employer will also be able to find out whether the staff is satisfied with the actions of direct supervisors and what the relationship between colleagues is. By taking the necessary measures, you can establish communication within the company.

By allowing employees to honestly talk about professional problems without being afraid of being fired, the manager will have the opportunity to create an open and trusting relationship. Subordinates will see in him a worthy person who can help and lead. Conducting surveys also contributes to creating and developing a positive work environment in your organization. You will show that management listens to what they say and make them feel valued by listening to employees’ opinions (Street, 2018). The main reason for conducting surveys is to measure employee engagement. Factors that can be measured include salary/benefits, job satisfaction, career opportunities, quality of leadership, working conditions, working relationships, communication, accountability, recognition, and company policy.

Lack of communication often causes misunderstanding of goals when employees do not have a clear idea of what they should do. Dissatisfied employees, as a rule, are dismissed. Everything happens very simply. Employee retention depends on engagement and satisfaction. Employee engagement and satisfaction are based on the feeling that their work is important and valued in the organization (Qiu et al., 2018). Poor communication prevents employees from being proud of their work by leading to uncertainty and doubt, hindering productivity, and generating rumors. Without this driving sense of purpose and pride, they will leave.

By way of conclusion, in a modern work collective, where employees strive to actively participate in what is happening, clear communication from all sides and in all directions is the secret to success. Thus, a doctor is a socially significant, in-demand profession that requires a specialist to increase professional knowledge and great responsibility constantly. Consequently, the paper describes the problem of the PICO system and finds the right solution to the problem.


Qiu, W., Chu, C., Mao, A., & Wu, J. (2018). Studying communication problems for emergency management of SARS and H7N9 in China. Journal of global infectious diseases, 10(4), 177.

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