Chronic Congestive Heart Failure and Patient Care

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What is the Problem?

Ineffective coping with a disease and the lack of support at home.

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How Important is the Problem?

The problem is acute as the patient has a history of chronic congestive heart failure that might occur at any moment.

What is the Substantiating Evidence?

Sallie Mae has problems with dyspnea, gains weight, and suffers from severe pains in her chest.

What are the Nursing Interventions for this Problem?

The patient is intended to take fifty milligrams of Digoxin and two hundred and forty milligrams of Calan once a day with eighty milligrams of Lasix twice a day. The aforementioned medicaments reduce the risk of sudden heart failure and remove the pain in the patient’s chest (He et al., 2014). These items are beneficial for people with heart issues. They stabilize the heartbeat and make the salt pass in a person’s urine to prevent the risk of CHF.

Scripted Dialogue

Nurse: “Good morning, Sallie Mae, my name is Amanda, and I will be your nurse today. I understand that you are experiencing problems with your heart and breath.”

Sallie Mae: “Good morning, Amanda. Yes, I faced the chronic congestive heart failure recently. I was hospitalized four times during the last six months as my CHF exacerbated. I was delivered to the hospital due to certain problems with my breath. Also, a gained almost eight pounds, and I cannot bear this tremendous pain in my chest anymore.”

Nurse: “I am sorry. It looks like you have dyspnea. Well, you will have to follow the diet that I will provide you later to burn some calories as physical exercises might have an adverse impact on your heart. Also, you will have to take twenty-five milligrams of Digoxin once a day to prevent your heart failure (“Digoxin uses, dosage & side effects,” 2017). Eighty-two milligrams of Lasix twice a day will help you cope with your urinating problems. Finally, two hundred and forty milligrams of Calan once a day will stabilize your heartbeat.”

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Sallie Mae: “Thank you so much. Is there anything else I should know to cope with my disease at home?”

Nurse: “Yes, Ms. Mae. We are providing you with a caregiver who is intended to evaluate your cardio-pulmonary status and must help you with your medicine schedule. An oxygen concentrator will be delivered to your house. The company workers will instruct you how to use it.”

Sallie Mae: “This will be very helpful as I do not have anyone to support me at home. My children are too busy.”

Nurse: “I hope that you will get better with the help of your assistant. However, I am going to prescribe you some medicaments. Your caregiver will help you to manage them. I will write all the doses down for you to recall them at any moment. Zocor will lower your cholesterol level, which will make you weigh less. Minipress will lower your hypertension. If it does not help, use Vasotec as it is more effective. Prilosec is intended to prevent your stomach from being damaged by antibiotics. Effexor will balance your emotions because you might have depression during the treatment process.”

Sallie Mae: “Thank you for your assistance. I hope that my caregiver will be more competent in this question that I am. Unfortunately, I did not grasp much.”

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Nurse: “That is okay. You just need to know that you will be taken care of. And you have to stay in a bed a little bit more. I will leave you now. In case of any questions – do not hesitate to call me. Have a good day.”


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