Advantages of the Biologic Drugs Use

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Biologic drugs are the products obtained from components of living organisms through the use of biotechnology mechanisms, including blood components, allergens, genes, tissues, and vaccines. These drugs contain proteins that regulate the activity of other proteins, cellular processes, and genetic factors that control the manufacture of active hormones and enzymes (Gudzenko, 2021). They also produce substances that act as suppressive agents and trigger mechanisms of the body’s immune system. They are also biological response modifiers since they alter the functioning of the natural biological intracellular actions.

Biologics are set to lessen chronic disease progression by minimizing pain and inflammation, halting the destruction of bones and joints, and preventing skin diseases. They also advance the health-related quality of life for chronic ailments. Biologics destroy the immune system and intensify the risk of infections to the user (Reardon, 2019). They have allergic reactions, including breathlessness, central nervous, and cardiovascular system. They are also connected with mycobacterial and other opportunistic infections, including tuberculosis and histoplasmosis. The biological drugs are set to avert disease advancement, although they also have severe conditions associated with them.

The patient’s case for a rheumatic disease is an auto-resistant and provocative illness that weakens the body’s immune system, affecting joints, muscles, body organs, and cartilage. For instance, fibromyalgia is a disorder connected with causing widespread pain, sleep problems, fatigue, and memory complications (Gudzenko, 2021). Medications used for treatment include steroids such as corticosteroid medications (prednisone), disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs that prevent disease progression, and biological drugs. Janus kinase inhibitors are pharmacological methods of treating rheumatism, while body exercises, physical and occupational therapy, splints and assistive devices, and surgery are also alternative treatment methods. Provision of education about rheumatism to both the affected and non-affected (Gudzenko, 2021). Nutrition and diet should be well followed as prescribed by the physicians. Massage can also be used to relieve pain and for muscle relaxation purposes. The above is one of the most effective and efficient ways to manage pain since they utilize non-medicinal treatment methods.


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