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Healthcare Research

Cell Phone Dangers to Human Health

Cell Phone Use According to some of the recent researches, the emergence of technology has reduced the world into a small village. I believe that people can communicate easily from one place to another through cell phones, social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Information from one person to another...


Scope and Standard of Practice – Nursing

What are the differences between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom? The differences between the data, information, knowledge, and wisdom According to McGonigle and Mastrian (2009), the data is a collection of objective facts relating to something. Information is the data that has been interpreted and as such has some relevance and...

Health IT

Health Information Exchange and Information Systems

Health care providers point at the problem that today, it is necessary to improve the ways of exchanging patient health information among health care institutions and facilities because of the necessity to guarantee the provision of efficient care. From this point, it is important to concentrate on the question of...


The Roles of Public Health Nurses

The roles played by public health nurses There are nine essential elements of public health nursing; this paper will focus only on two of them, namely, prevention and control of epidemics and promotion of health lifestyles. The key task is to identify and describe the main roles and activities which...

Medical Ethics

Cosmetic and Medical Animal Testing

Introduction Animal testing is the testing of products on animals to evaluate their potential toxicity to humans or the environment. Animal testing is common in medical research to experiment the efficacy and safety of new drugs. Laboratory model animals are used to experiment new drugs to determine their potential to...

Healthcare Research

Government Funding for Stem Cell Research

Currently, the advance in technology has led to the curing of many ailments. The advent of stem cell research has raised the expectation of many doctors and scientists in treating patients who have endured suffering or passed on because of the ailments that were termed as “incurable” some years back....


Left and Right Parts of the Brain

Human brain forms a small but very important part of human beings. It practically controls every action that human beings perform. Consciously or subconsciously all other body organs depend on the brain to behave in any particular way. The brain is, therefore, a very crucial organ, and if anything happens...

Healthcare Research

Breast Cancer

Introduction Breast cancer is becoming a common infection caused by cancerous cells. The cells around the breast tissue are usually inflamed. In most cases, the internal walls of the milk duct region are often affected (Carlson et al., 2009). Additionally, the lobules that perform the role of transferring milk to...

Healthcare Research

Weed and Drugs

Introduction A lot of people develop their dependence on illegal drugs, for instance, marijuana (Van, 1999). Despite the existence of laws that prohibit the use of marijuana, many youths think that it is legal to smoke weed. Studies now indicate that the use of marijuana is often a direct way...


Physician Assisted Suicide

The issues surrounding the practice of Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS) are contentious for most people. In the last few years, the issue of PAS has elicited a passionate debate in both the United States and the rest of the world. PAS was first entrenched into the country’s legal system in 1997...

Healthcare Research

Health Care Technologies

The three health care technologies Although I understood the important roles played by health care technologies in improving patient care, I was not familiar with the following three health care technologies: infection detecting technologies, telehealth tools, and hybrid operating rooms. The three technologies are so vital in health care that...

Medical Ethics

Embryonic Stem Cells Research: Views of Sherley and Sebelius

In the USA, a heated debate on whether the Government should continue funding researchers of human embryonic stem cells has been on progress for a long time. The use of human being’s embryonic stem cells has led to a difficult argument that entails public legal and moral disputes (Baynes, 2013)....

Healthcare Research

HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Introduction HIV/AIDS is a significant health concern for many countries all over the world. The disease has had a devastating effect on the African continent with Sub-Saharan Africa accounting for almost 70% of all HIV/AIDS infections in the world. South Africa is one of the countries that have been severely...

Healthcare Research

Effects of Governmental Initiatives on Health Care

The cost of health care in the United States has been increasing for decades. This has caused many insurance companies to raise insurance premiums. High premiums have in turn forced many people to prefer out-of-pocket payments. Also, insurance companies have in the past turned away some people with chronic illnesses....